You’re flying above northern Saskatchewan’s vast wilderness, taking in the panoramic view of towering trees, peaceful lakes, and winding rivers. As you get closer to Lloyd Lake Lodge, you see our secluded waters and our quiet cabins. They’re waiting for you.

Stress melts. Adventure begins.

Let the wild welcome you. Here, acres upon acres of land are untouched. Wildlife abounds, stillness is the norm, and the fishing?

It’s simply in a league of its own.

What is in our backyard


Northern Pike
Line Drawing of a Northern Pike
Northern Pike

Fish are in the 5 – 25 lb range all season long.

If you haven't hooked a big slough shark with a topwater lure in spring, you haven't lived!

Determined to the core, northern pike make for hectic fishing that won't stop until you do.

Big northern pikes seek cooler water in late July and August, often surprising walleye anglers with a big jolt.

In fall, the pesky pikes lurk around gorging on anything that moves. They're feeding up for winter.

Line drawing of a Walleye Fish

Early June, start trolling! The ice has just come off the lake and the walleye bite is on. The fish weigh 2 – 4 lbs.

July and early August is the time walleye school up in deeper holes. You will actually get tired of pulling out fish after fish once the guide finds the right spot.

Mid-August to September is trophy walleye season. It's the best time to land lunkers in the 5 – 15 lb range.

Lake Trout
Line drawing of a lake trout
Lake trout

Our lake trout range from 2 – 40 lbs. The average lake trout weighs 5 – 10 lbs.

In spring and fall, they’re in 5 – 15 feet of water. In summer, they school up and go deep. You’ll catch them at 65 feet.

We have 3 lake trout lakes. Big Fish Lake is a short ride from the lodge. Surrounded by white sand beaches, it’s one of the prettiest places to fish. Anglers consistently pull in lake trout over 10 lbs. The biggest fish we’ve caught there weighed almost 40 lbs. Preston Lake and Langley Lake are for our more adventurous anglers. It takes some work to get there

Arctic grayling
Line drawing of a lake trout
Arctic grayling

Lloyd Lake is known for trophy Arctic grayling!

Arctic grayling regularly weigh from 1 – 3 lbs. Every season here, a few lucky anglers catch grayling over 3 lbs.

Catch them all season long. Float a gentle fly on a back eddy in the Clearwater River, which flows out of Lloyd Lake, and await a bite from the prettiest fish in northern Canada.

LLOYD LAKE Arctic grayling RECORD
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Lloyd Lake

The lake that gave the lodge its name is large, beautiful and unpressured. You will fish in secluded back bays, river mouths or around our islands—and never compete with another angler! Catch walleye and northern pike, along with the occasional whitefish and burbot. In the summer, there are great swimming spots too. Four rivers lead out of the lake, as well as islands and a small waterfall.

Big Fish Lake

The name says it all. We take people to Big Fish Lake when they’re after big northern pike and trophy lake trout. The biggest fish pulled out of this lake weighed around 40 lbs! Big Fish is a short drive from the lodge. Surrounded by pristine white sand beaches, it’s home to a famous northern pike spot called “Gator Bay.”

Langley Lake

Looking for lake trout action? The answer is Langley! Getting there is part of the fun and is ideal for thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. This lake boasts loads of lake trout and also produces trophy northern pike, which can be caught all season. Many guests have told us they needed to take a break because their arms were tired from wheeling in laker after laker.

Preston Lake

You’ll fall in love with the scenery as your boat meanders between the reeds on your relaxing, hour-long cruise to Preston. Be sure to watch for wildlife! Preston is also famous for its incredible early spring and fall lake trout fishing.

Clearwater River

As a Canadian Heritage River with ties to the 18th century fur trade, the unspoiled Clearwater River has stories to tell! An inukshuk welcomes you before cruising between rock walls and through rapids to end at the Grayling Hole—the prettiest fishing spot we’ve ever seen! If you’re after trophy Arctic grayling, this is the place. Walleye fishing off the rocks is also high on the list!

Mirror River

This river is often as calm as its name suggests. It winds through a giant marshy landscape, and cruising up the Mirror to Little Rock (a special treat for guests feeling extra adventurous) often results in bird, bear and moose sightings and the kind of tranquility many only imagine. Fishing in the river for walleye is an absolute blast. 

The Bend

This shallow and clear channel between Lloyd Lake and Preston Lake is hard to find unless you know where to look. Finding it, however, is worth the effort. In spring, look into the water to witness fish spawning. It’s a relaxing cruise to Preston, and a great opportunity to just let that Lloyd Lake magic unfold.  

Our guides know all the ins and outs of the water.


Of course, you’ll be focused on fishing when you’re here. But there are many in-between moments to take everything in, and that’s when you might spot something that takes your breath away. Our guests have seen a huge variety of wildlife, whether from a distance in one of our boats on the river or on a hike to one of the lakes.

Bald Eagles




The fishing and outdoors are only the start.