In their bones,

It feels like home.

Our Story


Some people search their whole lives for their soul place, but brothers Derrick and Desi found theirs at just five years old. A grandfather’s love made sure the boys spent every summer in Saskatchewan’s remote paradise for fishing and family. Decades later, Lloyd Lake Lodge is now their own. Derrick and Desi’s grandfather is gone, but all the memories are more alive than ever.


As guests fly above and Lloyd Lake Lodge’s quiet cottages and secluded waters come into view, everyday life comes to a screeching halt.

There’s no schedule to follow, only the tempo of the fish and the food. Time slows, the wild welcomes, and an overwhelming sense of ease and introspection takes over as guests feel like a speck in the endless wild.

Lloyd Lake Lodge believes it, lives it, and makes it their mission for guests to experience the life-changing ways of fishing and freedom.


What our Guests say about us.

The History


Johnny Midget is a legendary Saskatchewan bush pilot. It all started when he built a cabin for his family at Lloyd Lake. When his extended family wanted to come up regularly, he built more. One thing led to another and he started flying in guests and running the camp as a lodge.

In the late 1970s, Johnny sold Lloyd Lake Lodge to the Pliska family. Desi and Derrick’s grandfather went there for a fishing retreat in 1983. That first trip, Grandpa Larry went to Big Fish Lake straightaway and didn’t catch a single fish! Mary-Jean Pliska, one of the owners, told him no one ever got skunked at the lodge. She was worried he wouldn’t come back again. He told her not to worry, he wasn’t going to let a lake beat him—“That’s just fishing,” he said—and returned every year after that fateful evening. Desi’s first trip to the lake was in 1986 when he was 5 years old and Derrick’s in 1989 at 4 years old. Neither has missed a year since.

In 1999, the lodge changed hands again. Sam Qualls and Connie Furrlow had come up as guests, and like many before them, fell in love with the place. Sam was fascinated with bear hunting and the wild of the north, enjoying the lodge owner lifestyle for over a decade. Desi and Derrick’s grandfather found out Sam wanted to sell the lodge in early September 2011 and called his boys home the following weekend. As soon as they sat down, he announced Lloyd Lake was for sale and that they were going to buy it. The plane was already waiting on the runway.

Sam’s words to Desi and Derrick: “I was fortunate to own this place for 11 years, but it never should have been mine. It should always have been yours.” Like all great stories, there’s a lot more to this one, but it’s best heard directly from Desi or Derrick. Tearjerker alert: bring tissues!

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Our Team

Our People, Our Pride.



Desi is a born teacher, and that is what he does in the off season—his specialty is social studies and outdoor education. He started his fishing career at his grandfather’s knee, and credits his dad, Don, for never leaving him behind. He lives for outdoor adventures and takes daughters Emily and Annie, his pride and joy, adventuring often. Like the generations that came before, the ultimate goal is paying it forward. Being a lodge owner is a lifelong dream, and he enthusiastically shares his love and knowledge of Lloyd Lake, fishing, and life with guests.
Chef Derrick

Chef and Co-Owner

Derrick started his career in an industrial kitchen, then furthered his passion by graduating with an education degree majoring in culinary arts from the University of Alberta. After teaching the art of fine dining for several years, he gave in to the undeniable lure of his childhood dream, and purchased Lloyd Lake Lodge. Chef Derrick’s tasty creations have been spotlighted in several magazines and TV shows. New guests are blown away on the first night, and always say that they were not expecting such great food.

Our guides are our family and they have seen it all.

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